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ARRL Handbook
for Radio Communications 2014

The ARRL Handbook is the greatest applied electronics and communications reference of all time (first published in 1926)! The content of this 91st edition reflects the latest aspects of today’s Amateur Radio:  fundamental electronics concepts, components and building blocks, analog and digital radio design, troubleshooting techniques, antennas and much more. Comb through its pages, and you will quickly see why generations of radio amateurs, engineers and technicians have relied on its thorough coverage of theory, references and practical projects. This edition is bundled with The ARRL Handbook CD (ver. 18.0)-- the complete and fully searchable book on CD-ROM, including all the text and illustrations, as well as PC board templates, additional software and other support files. Entire sections of The Handbook were updated to reflect the most current state-of-the-art. In fact, the 2014 Edition includes a significant amount of revised content! New projects include a one or two tube linear amp, QSK controllers and VHF and UHF signal sources. There is also new material on telemetry and navigation data, oscillators and synthesizers, battery technology and new microwave techniques. This ARRL 2014 Centennial Edition also includes highlights from previous editions of the Handbook. 91st Edition printed October 2013. A.R.R.L..

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#0349 2014 Softcover $49.95 $42.95
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