Icom ID-1 D-STAR
1.2 GHz Transceiver

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Icom IC-Id1

  • D-Star Digital Voice
  • High Speed Data capable (128K)
  • PC Control via USB Interface
  • RC24 Remote Control Head
  • CTCSS encode/decode
  • Digital Callsign Squelch
  • Digital Code Squelch
  • Short Text Messaging
  • Call Record, displays Calling stations
  • Break function

The Icom ID-1 1.2 GHz transceiver is a vital part of a D-STAR system, you won’t have to wait for a new repeater to be set-up in your area. This rugged little rig operates with current analog 1.2GHz repeaters, plus simplex digital operation with another ID-1. Its operating frequency range is 1240-1300 MHz, with FM and GMSK (Digital) modulation formats. The ID-1 includes all the usual features that you expect - 105 alphanumeric memory channels, PLUS full PC control via the USB port (a black box 1.2 GHz radio!). Now for the fun part ... the ID-1 supports a 10BASE-T Ethernet cable for the 128K DATA operation! Both the USB and Ethernet connections are on the back panel. Explore the benefits of wireless high-speed integrated digital connections! Power can be set for 1 or 10 watts and tuning steps are:  5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25/50/100 kHz.

Your Icom ID-1 comes with:  RC24 Remote Control head, SP-22 speaker, HM-118TN or HM-154T Hand mic, RS-ID1 Windows application CD and various hook ups and brackets.

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  HM118TN HM-118TN Electret condenser DTMF hand microphone with switchable Up-Down buttons. Modular plug.
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#3290 HM154T HM-154T Electret condenser DTMF hand mic with Up-Down. Modular plug. VIEW $90.00 $66.95
  MB-17A MB-17A A one-touch mobile bracket for the transceiver body. Discontinued
#3236 OPC347 OPC-  347 DC Cord (20 Amp) 23.0 feet (7 m). $70.00 $54.95
#0223 OPC440 OPC-  440 Microphone extension cable 16.4 feet (5.0 m). $100.00 $79.95
  OPC647 OPC-  647 Microphone extension cable   8.2 feet (2.5 m). Discontinued
#2990 OPC1132 OPC-1132 DC Cord (20 Amp, double fused) 9.8 feet (3 m). $40.00 $34.95
#5151   RS-ID1 Control software CD (no cable). $44.00 $19.98
  SP-10 SP-10 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. Discontinued
#4777 SP-22 SP-22 Matching mobile speaker with bracket (as supplied). $58.00 $44.95
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