Icom ID-5100A
144/440 MHz Mobile

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Icom ID-5100D

The Icom ID-5100A 2m/440 dual band mobile offers next generation D-Star capability. It features a large LCD touch screen. Independent VHF and UHF bands support VV and UU capabilities and even DV dual watch. 50 watt output is available on both bands. Enjoy 1000 memory channels and wideband receive (118-137 [AM] & 137-174/375-550 MHz). Other enhancements include:  SD card slot for voice & data storage, D-PRS enhancements, TNC/9600bps modem connectivity, diversity receive (second antenna connector), home button, built-in GPS (inside controller) and supplied HM-207 control microphone.

Exciting options include UT-133 Bluetooth unit and VS-3 Bluetooth earpiece microphone.

The ID-5100A comes with:  HM-207 hand mic, microphone hanger, OPC-837 Controller cable (11.4 ft), spare fuse and CD with Owner's Manual and CS-5100 software.

This new item is expected May 1, 2014. We are accepting orders now.

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#6249   HM-207 Hand control microphone [As supplied]. $99.00 $79.95
#0526   MBA-2 Remote Head Mounting Bracket $40.00 $32.95
#5901   OPC-837 Controller Cable [As supplied]. T.B.A. T.B.A.  
#2990 OPC1132 OPC-1132 DC Cord (20 Amp, double fused) 9.8 feet (3 m) [As supplied]. $45.00 $34.95
#5874 SP-35 SP-35 Matching mobile speaker with bracket. VIEW $77.00 $59.95
#6230 UT-133 UT-133 Bluetooth board. VIEW $124.00 $99.95
#6231 VS-3 VS-3 Bluetooth ear piece microphone. Requires UT-133. CONTROLS $199.00 $154.95

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