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Icom IC-900A

  • Dual Band Display
  • Scan Function
  • 10 Memories Per Band
  • Add up to six Band units
  • Two Output Levels
  • Detachable Head
  • One Call Channel per Band
  • Hand Mic

The Icom IC-900A is a new approach to mobile operating. The IC-900A system includes the remote controller, Interface Unit A, Interface Unit B, speaker and hand mic. Then you can add up to a maximum of six band units. Please note that no band unit is initially supplied with the IC-900A. You must add at least one band unit to have an operational radio. The band units shown above are each sold separately. This model requires 13.8 VDC at 12 amps.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  CF-11 Cooling fan kit Discontinued
  MB-21 Remote control bracket. Discontinued
  OPC-184 Power cord for high power band unit. Discontinued
  OPC-189 Optical fiber cable (65 foot). Discontinued
  SM-  8 Electret condenser-type, Up/Down desk microphone. Discontinued
  SP-  8 Mobile speaker with bracket. Discontinued
#1866 SP-10 Mobile speaker with bracket. $  85.00 $  64.95
  UT-28 Digital tone squelch unit. Discontinued
  UT-29 Tone squelch unit. Discontinued
  UX-19A Band unit for   28 MHz FM 1/10 watts Discontinued
  UX-29A Band unit for 144 MHz FM 5/25 watts Discontinued
  UX-29H Band unit for 144 MHz FM 5/45 watts Discontinued
  UX-39A Band unit for 220 MHz FM 5/25 watts Discontinued
  UX-49A Band unit for 440 MHz FM 5/25 watts Discontinued
  UX-59A Band unit for   50 MHz FM 1/10 watts Discontinued
  UX-129A Band unit for 1200 MHz FM 1/10 watts Discontinued

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