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Alinco DM-340MVT
30 Amp Power Supply

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Alinco DM-340MVT

The Alinco DM-340MVT is a variable voltage, linear power supply that delivers 5 to 15 VDC at 30 amps continuous or 35 amps surge. It has dual meters. There are three outputs available on the front panel. A cigar-plug socket (Max 10 amps), a set of Max 35 amps terminals, and a set of snap-in terminals (Max 6 Amps) are provided. The 16mm Max terminals provide the most efficient transfer of regulated power output; 30% larger than conventional models. Click here to view controls.

Input voltage is 120 VAC 50~60 Hz (800 vA). Ripple:  less than 30mVp-p. Size: 9.25 x 6.02 x 9.06 inches (235 x 153 x 230mm) 20.7 Lbs (9.4 kg).

Alinco initially discontinued this item. Customer demand convinced them to produce one more production run. Switching power supplies are lighter and cheaper than linear supplies, but they have their issues. This may be your final opportunity to obtain a variable linear power supply of this quality. Only two available as of 05/20/14.

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