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West Mountain

Power Controller


Replaced by
PWRguard Plus

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Discontinued Power Controller 




The West Mountain Radio PWRguard will automatically turn the power off when its input voltage exceeds 15 volts or drops below 11.5 volts. Momentary dips below 11.5 volts are tolerated to prevent false tripping.

The PWRguard will deliver 30 Amps continuously but can handle up to 40 Amps during periods when a rig is transmitting. It uses a solid state FET switch to control the voltage output, eliminating the contact bounce inherently found in relay controlled outputs. The switch turn-on and turn-off is also slew rate limited, softening the transition to slightly reduce in-rush current. Input and output is via PowerpoleŽ connections.

PowerpoleŽ is a registered trademark of Anderson Power Products.

Please also see the PWRguard Plus

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