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Miracle Ducker IL
QRP & Wideband Tuner


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  Miracle Ducker IL

The Miracle Ducker IL is an InLine QRP and wideband receive antenna tuner that attaches directly to the BNC on your radio! The Ducker IL significantly improves the HF performance of wideband receivers such as the Icom R1, R2, R3, R5, R6, R10 and R20 plus the AOR AR8200 series and even regular "scanners". It can also be used transceive on newer amateur HTs (that have HF coverage) to improve shortwave reception.

Like the original Miracle Whip, this device can also be used for QRP (maximum of 25 watts SSB or 10 watts CW). Input is BNC male. Output is BNC female.

Made in Canada.

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