RF Adapter 40 pc Kit

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CZ Labs 300

Are you tired of having every inter-series adapter, except the one you need?
Then consider this 300-40 40 piece RF adapter kit. It contains two each of:
BNC Female
BNC Male
TNC Female
TNC Male
"N" Female
"N" Male
UHF Female
UHF Male
Mini UHF Female
Mini UHF Male
SMA Female
SMA Male
F Female
F Male
RCA Female
RCA Male
and 8 Pieces Universal Adapter

This is every interseries adapter you are likely to need. And they are gold plated, gold contacts and have Teflon insulation. You simply screw the two desired ends to the universal adapter to configure your adapter. It comes complete in a padded, soft, zippered carrying case (7.5 x 2 x 5 inches). Click here to view larger.

The 300-30 is similar, but with 30 connectors.

The 999-95 is a handy accessory if you have the 300-40 or (300-30) inter-series adapter kit. This 18 inch RG-58U adapter cable has a coupler at each end. It makes you adapter 18 inches long!

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