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DEO RG-2000U

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DEO RG-2000U

Lightning and static are not the only enemies of modern receivers! Sensitive receiver "front-ends" can also be damaged by nearby high power radio signals (RF). The ham across the street running 1000 watts into a beam antenna can generate enough RF in your antenna system to damage or desensitize your receiver. Other potential sources of high power RF are CB operators running illegal power, commercial radio and TV broadcasters, and public service broadcasters. Hams who have separate receivers are also very susceptible to this problem (... ask our service tech!).

Design Electronics Ohio has developed a series of diode-activated switching devices which will switch your antenna automatically to ground in the presence of a high-power RF field. The Receiver Guard 2000U offers protection with very low insertion loss. This device has a replaceable protection element and is covered by a two year limited factory warranty. (Note:  Protection element not covered by warranty). The RG2000U uses standard SO-239 connectors (mates with PL-259s) for input and output. Made in U.S.A. Like all surge protectors we sell, thesze devices will not offer protection in the event of a direct lightning strike.


The Receiver Guard 2000 CTT model combines the model "U" version with an Alpha Delta LT Transi-Trap device to offer both RF protection and lightning suppression. This "combo" unit offers the maximum protection.

The replaceable RF fuses are listed below.

Order # Item Description Price Order
#0339 DEO Fuse Package of 3 replacement protection elements. Not available now

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