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Antennacraft ST2
Scanner Antenna

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AntennaCraft ST2

The Antennacraft ST2 scanner antenna receives 30 to 1300 MHz covering the major scanner bands: 30-50, 148-174, 440-470, 470-512, 800-912 MHz. This antenna has 15 electronic elements and is preassembled for easy installation.

This antenna is 102 inches high and attaches to any standard mast from 1.2 - 1.5 inches with the supplied U-bolt. The mast shown is not supplied. Weight is 4 pounds.

The output impedance is 300 ohms. A 300 to 75 ohm matching transformer is supplied. A 50 foot RG-6 coax cable with an F connector at each end is supplied. The ST2 also comes with an F to BNC male adapter (since most scanners now accept a BNC plug).

Click here to download detailed diagram [PDF 284K].

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