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Uniden has announced that some early production BCD536HP units have a 'hiss' in the headphone jack.
Uniden is now offering to replace these units for customers for which this is a concern.
For information on this limited time, free exchange visit:

There, you will enter your scanner information. Once that information is received by Uniden, they will reserve a return unit for you and send you a link to put in your shipping address. This link will allow you to print the UPS prepaid shipping label to send your scanner(s) back to Uniden. If they do not have inventory ready, will then send you an email to let you know this…just keep using your scanner until you get another email from them that has the UPS link.

Once Uniden gets confirmation from UPS that they have received your package, they will immediately ship a replacement scanner back to you. The scanner they send to you will either be one that has been returned from one of their distributors or from a previous return. In either case, it will be screened at every step of the rework process for any physical or other damage or defect and will be rejected from the program if anything is not perfect.

Uniden is extending the normal 1-year warranty to 3 years for all scanners subject to this campaign.

Most people who use this program will have a replacement scanner in their hands within 2-4 days of when UPS receives their scanner for shipment to Uniden.

Important Notes:
Do not send any accessories other than the MicroSD card back with your scanner. The scanner Uniden is shipping to you will have only the MicroSD card (installed) and no other accessories. If you do send some or all of your accessories, it could take several weeks for them to find and send them back to you.

Send your scanner back within 5 days of filling out the UPS form. After 5 days, they will remove the reservation from the units they set aside for you and use them to fulfill other requests. Your replacement units will then ship subject to availability once Uniden receives the UPS shipping notification.

If you want your original scanner returned to you, DO NOT USE THE ABOVE LINK. Instead, use Uniden’s normal repair process. Instructions for using this process are at The repair process will take from 3-6 weeks, depending on the current workload when your scanner arrives.

This campaign only applies to BCD536HP scanners with a serial number under 38002600, and which exhibit the problem of a high level of noise when using headphones.
Do not return your scanner if it does not have the problem.

Uniden has indicated this exchange is a limited time offer. (Perhaps for only 30 or 60 days?)

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