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Sangean HDT-1X


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Sangean HDT-1X

The Sangean HDT-1X inherits the solid reputation of the HDT-1, adding SPDIF digital outputs, HD/analog switchable, stereo/mono switchable, split audio, stereo indicator, backlight can be dimmed and backlight off in standby mode. This component tuner is exactly what you would need to add HD feature to an existing system. Enjoy AM, AM-HD stereo reception, FM and FM-HD stereo reception through your existing stereo. Simply plug in and attach through a set of stereo RCA cables and you are ready to listen to crystal clear digital radio. Click here to view rear panel. (Please note that the HDT-1X is a tuner only and does not have an amplifier or speakers.

* Digital Radio reception (HD Radio compatible in Hybrid and Full digital mode).
* PAD program associated data services.
* Frequency range:
       AM band: 520~1710 kHz (10 kHz per tuning step).
       FM band: 87.5~108MHz (100 kHz per tuning step).
* Auto preset system
* Auto preset list for program service.
* Program service preset function and last program service recall by power on.
* Information display for channel frequency, ensemble label, service label, dynamic label, transmission mode, data rate, secondary service availability indicator.
* Automatic multiplex re-configuration.
* Automatic simulcast re-configuration.
* FM RBDS function available with PS, PTY, RT and CT features.
* Included infrared remote control.
* SPDIF digital outputs and Split Audio Modes.

  Please also see the Sangean HDR-1 receiver.

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