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The ICOM PCR1000 covers a tremendous frequency range. The bad news is that it is sometimes difficult to know where various radio services transmit. This full color spectrum chart will help you navigate the entire radio spectrum! This huge 24 by 36 inch chart comes folded, but may be framed and adds a professional accent to any radio post (frame not supplied). It uses a color legend to clearly indicate which radio service is allocated to which frequencies. An activity code is also illustrated to show whether the frequency is allocated for Government, Non-Government or Shared use. Click here to view enlarged sample area. There is also a sub-chart at the bottom of the poster showing the entire electromagnetic spectrum (VLF radio to Cosmic-Ray) indicating both the wavelength and frequency. This chart is as educational as it is colorful. We even have one framed in our classroom here at Universal Radio.

This beautiful chart is available free with your PCR1000 purchase from Universal Radio for a limited time. Please note that that the frame is not supplied.

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