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U407 Sherwood SE3 MkIII   $389.95 SOLD
Phase-Locked AM Product Detector
The Sherwood Engineering SE-3 MkIII a self-contained buffer, detector, and audio amplifier system that connects to the i-f output of a compatible receiver. View front panel. The rear panel has IF input. Output is to a speaker or headphone jack. This rack version includes Owner's Manual, power cable and IF cable. Requires 24 VAC. [PS not provided].
Visit the Sherwood website for further info.
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U103 GRE 3001   $39.95 SOLD
VHF Receive Amp
The GRE3001 VHF receive preamp has BNC input and output on the rear panel. Comes with a BNC to BNC jumper cable. Requires 12 VDC. For receive only. No manual or power supply.  [11/03]

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