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U969 Sharp FV-610   $99.95 SOLD
Portable LW-MW-SW-FM Radio
The Sharp FV-610 covers LW, AM, FM and
seven SW bands. It has a digital counter that reads 200 kHz low on SW (OK on MW). It has slide controls for Tone and Volume. Clock may be set for 12 or 24 on the left side. The tuning knob is on the right side. The rear panel has access for two button cells (supplied) and five AA cells (not supplied).
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U595 Sharp FV-1710   $84.95 SOLD
Portable LW-MW-SW-FM Radio
Notes: The FV-1710 covers LW, AM, FM and three SW bands. It has Tone, S-Meter, BFO, AFC, Fine Tuning and flip-down dial cover. The poor rear panel has compartment for D cells and AC cord. Volume is low, has numbers etched in handle. Sold AS-IS, final sale.  [06/05]

U208 Sharp FV-410   $59.95 SOLD
Portable MW-SW-FM-VHF/WX/CB Radio
Notes:  The FV-410 covers 8 bands It has an S-Meter. The volume and tone knobs are a little scratchy. Has an earphone jack. Operates from AC or C cells (not supplied). The tip of the antenna is missing. The rear panel has access to the battery compartment. Dial lamp is out.  [06/05]
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