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OM01 Collins 75S-3B/3C Owner's Manual   $15.00 SOLD
Owner's Manual
This is an original Collins 75S-3B/3C Instruction Manual for the famous Collins 75S-3B and Collins 75S-3C amateur receivers. It includes fold-out schematics, parts lists and alignment procedures. Missing the two binding staples since it was in a 3 hole binder. 1963.  [11/08]
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OM14 IC-28 and IC-38/48 Service Manuals   $29.95
This is a set of two original Icom IC-28 and IC-38/48 Service Manuals. Both manuals are virtually brand new.  [08/13]
[ No item ]

OM12 Kenwood TR-751A Service Manual   $9.95 SOLD
This is an original unopened Kenwood TR-751A Service Manual.  [08/13]

OM15 Kenwood TS-950S/SD Service Manual   $19.95 SOLD
This huge original Kenwood TS-950S/SD Service Manual with pull out color diagrams is in good condition.  [08/14]

OM13 Multi-Elmac PMR6A, PMR7 and PMR8 Owner's Manuals   $29.95 SOLD
This is a set of three original Multi-Elmac PMR6A, PMR7 and PMR8 Owner's Manuals. The PMR6A, and PMR7 manuals are in exceptionally fresh, unblemished condition. The PMR8 manual does have normal wear, and does have serial number penned inside. A nice set for the Multi-Elmac collector.  [08/13]

OM02 Watkins-Johnson WJ-8654-4 Manual   $39.95 SOLD
Installation Supplement
This is an original Watkins-Johnson WJ-8654-4 Installation and Operation Supplement for the WJ-8654-4 VHF/UHF Receiver with options. This huge 1 inch thick bound manual covers this radio in detail. It features loads of pull-out diagrams, descriptions, interface info and schematics. 1995.  [11/08]
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