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UJ92 Lafayette HA-146   $89.95
2M Mobile Transceiver
The Lafayette HA-146 is a 2 meter, 25 watt transceiver that covers 144 to 148 MHz. It has 12 internal crystal slots (letters A-L) for different frequencies and all but two of the crystals are installed. The back panel features an SO-239 antenna jack. This transceiver is in great physical condition. Comes with a hand mic and power cord. Also included are both a service and operating manual. S/N 54502  [11/13]
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UK52 Bearcat Home Patrol   $339.95 SOLD
Touch Screen Scanner
The Bearcat Home Patrol is a touch screen/tabletop scanner that covers 25-54, 108-512 and 758-960 MHz (less cellular) in AM, FM and FM wide modes. It allows the user to simply key in a zip code and choose from a list of public safety options. The left side features an SMA type antenna jack. Includes a 9V wall adapter, cigarette plug adapter, antenna, USB cable and plastic desk stand plus original box and quick reference manual.  [12/13]
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