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Available Used:  Speakers & Mics   

UJ68 Kenwood SP-820   $59.95
The Kenwood SP-820 speaker features dual inputs and filtration. The rear panel has dual RCA inputs and Line Output. In good shape, but previous user has added a small LCD clock on front panel, and corresponding set switches on rear panel. We did not open speaker to insert clock batteries. This speaker matches the Kenwood TS-820 and R-820.  [04/14]
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UJ92 JRC NVA-319   $169.95 SOLD
The J.R.C. NVA-319 speaker-filter matches the venerable NRD-535 and NRD-545. The rear panel has a Channel A hard-wired audio cable terminating in an RCA plug. Channel B is an RCA phono jack. This speaker also has filtration. An RCA to mini adapter is included. The top and side panels have some scratches.  [04/14]
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UK35 Astatic D104   $49.95
Desk Mic
The Astatic D104 has a chrome base and is currently wired to a 4 pin mic plug. This mic has a mechanism which allows the user to lock the PTT switch for the purpose of telling an epic story or a really funny joke without being interrupted.  [04/14]
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UH48 Astatic D104   $44.95
Desk Mic
The Astatic D104 has a chrome finish and a grey base. The PTT lever is located on the left side of the mic. Currently wired with a 1/4 inch mic plug. There are a few scratches on the microphones base but the finish of the mic is in good shape.  [02/14]

D157 Heil GM Elite   $119.95
Desk Mic
The Heil GM Elite desk mic has superior sound and quality that we've come to expect from Heil Sound. This mic features a broadcast element on the wide side (50-16000 Hz) and the narrow side features the Heil HC-5.1 element with a response of 200-8000 Hz. Microphone comes with a removable foam windscreen and the standard HM mic clip. The bottom of the microphone has the standard 4 pin mic connection. Mic also comes with the original box and instruction sheet. This microphone is like new.  [09/13]
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