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UJ49 Yaesu FAS-1-4R   $104.95
Remote Antenna Selector
The Yaesu FAS-1-4R is a remote antenna selection most often used with the FC-102 tuner. It can select up to four remote antennas. The previous user provided an independent control switch and 12 VDC power supply. It was never used outdoors. Also includes U-bolts, boots, hardware, coax cable, box and manual.  [07/15]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

UB46 Kenwood TV-506   $239.95
Transverter 6 Meters
The Kenwood TV-506 is an external 6 meter transverter for the TS-520S. The condition of this unit is between fair and good. It comes with two interface cable that plug into the rear panel.  [10/15]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

U044 Bud LF-601-A   $20.95
Variable Low Pass Filter
The Bud LF-601-A low pass filter features SO-239 input and output. Rated at 1000 watts 2-30 MHz. Made by Bud Radio Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio.  [05/15]
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UH13 MFJ-704   $29.95
Low Pass Filter
The MFJ-704 low pass filter handles full legal power from 1.8 to 30 MHz. SWR below 1.3 to 30 MHz into 50 Ohms. Attenuates above 40 MHz. Has some scratches.  [07/15]
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UA38 Hallicrafters HA-1   $79.95
The Hallicrafters HA-1 T.O. Keyer gives you the perfect fist. With built-in side-tone generator and speaker. It has a low (10-30 WPM) and high (25-65 WPM) speed range. The rear panel has a headphone jack output. In only fair cosmetic condition. 120 VAC. 7 x 5.675 x 7.5" S/N 501000036004. [07/15]

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