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  Last updated:  January 20, 2018
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QRI - Quick Radio Index      QRP Corner FPSL Transmitters, Exciters & Power Amplifiers
by Raymond Moore
Vital information on 550 transmitters
from 118 companies with 470 photos.     $21.95   Sale $13.98
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Featured Used:  Drake R8A   Radio Archive
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Shortwave radios Tabletop Shortwaves _
   Updated 11/11/17   
Portable Shortwaves _
   Updated 01/16/18   
CTX-10 CommRadio CTX-10   
HF QRP SDR Transceiver
Price and date announced.
Updated 01/09/18  
Wideband receivers Wideband Receivers _
   Updated 01/19/18   
Scanner Receivers   _
   Updated 01/18/18
IC-7610 Icom IC-7610
HF/6m Transceiver
A new best seller!
Updated 01/10/18  
Amateur Base Amateur Base

   Updated 01/11/18   _
Alinco DM430T Alinco DM-430T     
5-15 VDC Power Supply
Compact 25A, digital meter.
Updated 12/23/17   
Ham Mobiles Amateur Mobiles   _
   Updated 01/16/18   
Ham HTs Amateur Handhelds   _
   Updated 01/18/18
KW203 KW203
USB Inline Meter
Displays Volts and current.
Updated 12/29/17
Specialty AM/FM & Specialty Radios   _
   Updated 01/05/18   
Preparedness Emergency Preparedness   _
   Updated 01/05/18
ID=31A+ Icom ID-31A Plus   
440 FM/D-Star HT
New version! New features!
Updated 12/23/17   
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