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Hy Power
GULI 6-160-5KW

Line Isolator

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Hy Power
GULI 6-160-5KW


Hy Power GULI 6-160-5KW

The GULI 6-160-5KW line isolator is used to isolate any RF (common mode) that may have worked its way back to your station. It uses the 1:1 Guanella current / choke design. The 50 ohm line isolator has two SO239 connectors for direct coaxial cable hookup.

The power handling capability of the line isolator is phenomenal. It is conservatively rated at 10 KW on 160 meters, 5 KW from 80 to 10 meters and 3.5 KW on 6 meters. These ratings are good for up to 2 to 1 SWR. The MIL SPEC transmission line used to make the line isolator uses: silver clad copper center conductor, silver covered shield, solid Teflon dielectric with a voltage rating of 1900 rms volts and temperature range of -55 to + 200 degrees centigrade.

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