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The Japan Radio Company NRD-505 was JRCs first non-commercial shortwave receiver geared towards the radio amateur and serious shortwave listener. The NRD-505 tunes 100 kHz to 30 MHz in thirty 1 MHz bands, selected by a large MHz knob. Modes of reception include:  RTTY, AM. LSB, USB and CW. This dual conversion superheterodyne circuit provides 0.5 µV 1.6-30 MHz SSB/CW S+N/N=10dB. Digital and analog frequency display is featured. The NRD-505 has an analog S-Meter, RIT, Noise Blanker and attenuator. Supplied filters for AM Wide (4.0 kHz), AM Narrow/SSB/RTTY (2.0 kHz) and optional CW (0.5 kHz). This receiver has modular construction. The rear panel has an SO239 antenna input jack. There are RCA jacks for Line, Speaker and IF output. There is also a connection for the the matching NSD-505 transmitter. This radio does not have an internal speaker.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  CDD-48A Internal 4 channel memory board. Discontinued
  CW N [5NMAA0006] CW narrow mechanical filter. Discontinued
  CGA-26D Transceiver VFO Converter unit board. Discontinued
  NVA-505 Matching external speaker. INFO Discontinued

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