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Based on the total order
Up to $50.00 ........ $  6.95
$50.01 to $100 ..... $  8.95
$100.01 to $500.... $  9.95
$500.01 to $1000.. $14.95
For USA customers
(except: AK/HI/PR)
Insurance included.

Amateur Mobile Antennas 

Comet B-10 2M/440 Antenna
CA-2x4SR & CA-2x4SRNMO 2M/440 Antennas
M24M, M24S & M24SJ 2M/440 Antenna
SBB-  1 2M/440 Antennas
SBB-  2 & SBB-  2NMO 2M/440 Antennas
SBB-  5 & SBB-  5NMO 2M/440 Antennas
SBB-  7 & SBB-  7NMO 2M/440 Antennas
SBB-15 6M/2M/440 Antennas
SBB-25 & SBB-25NMO 2M Antennas
SBB-224 & SBB-224NMO 2M/220/440 Antennas
UHV-4 QuadBand Antenna
UHV-6 MultiBand Antenna
Duplexers & Triplexers
Mobile Mounts
COMPACtenna 2m/220/440 & 2m/440 2M/220/440 & 2M/440 Antennas View Video New
CR8900A 10M/6M/2M/440 Antenna
HF CL series 6M & HF Monoband Antennas
HV7A 10M/6M/2M/440/+ Antenna
MR73SA 2M/440 Antenna
MR75S 2M/440 Antenna
MR77 & MR77SMA 2M/440 Antenna
NR72BNMO 2M/440 Antenna
NR73BNMO 2M/440 Antenna
NR770HA, NR770HB & NR770HNMO 2M/440 Antennas
NR124N, NR124NMO 1.2 GHz Antenna
SG7900A 2M/440 Antenna
Duplexers & Triplexers
Mobile Mounts
Hustler CGT-144 2M Trunk Mount Antenna
SF-2 2M Antenna
SF-220 220 Antenna
HF Mobile Antennas & Supplies
Icom AH-   2b HF/6m Antenna
Jetstream Mobile Mounts
Larsen NMO Series VHF/UHF Mobile Antennas
Mobile Mounts
MFJ MFJ-1722/1722S 2M/440 Antenna
MFJ-1724B 2M/440 Antenna
MFJ-1729 2M/440 Antenna
Mobile Mounts
MP Antenna Super-M Classic Mobile Mobile Antenna 25-1300 MHz
Super-M Ultra Mobile Mobile Antenna 25-6000 MHz
Opek VUG-144 2M Thru-The-Glass Antenna
VUG-270 2M/440 Thru-The-Glass Antenna
Mobile Mounts
Procomm CD144M 2 Meter Magnet Mount Antennas
Mobile Mounts
Shark S-F / S-FM HF Mobile Stick Antennas
Surmen MAX1B/BNMO 2M/440 Antennas
UT-108SMAF/SMAM 2M/440 Antennas SMA-J/SMA
Mobile Mounts
Workman Mobile Mounts
Yaesu ATAS-120A HF/VHF/UHF Antenna
Antennas over 32 inches require extra shipping.
We will quote prior to shipping.
Please also see: Amateur Base Antennas
HT/Portable Antennas
Discontinued Mobile Antennas

Please note that antennas are not returnable.
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