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Hustler CGT-144
Mobile 2 Meter Antenna

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 Hustler CGT-144

The Hustler CGT-144 is a 2 meter collinear mobile antenna providing a big 5.2 dB gain with an optimum low-angle radiation pattern. This antenna can handle up to 200 watts. The SWR is 1:15:1 at resonance and the bandwidth is 6 MHz (@a.5:1 SWR). This antenna terminates to a trunk lip mount. This adjustable mount features a 180 ° swivel ball for vertical positioning. 17 feet of RG-58U coax cable terminating in a PL-259 is included. There is a convenient coax cable disconnect a few inches from the trunk lip mount (Motorola male to Motorola female).

This large antenna is 7.16 feet (2.2 m) high. 3.4 lbs. Made in the USA.

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