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Mobile 2 Meter Magnetic
Mount Antenna Chrome
PL259 Plug

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Mobile 2 Meter Magnetic
Mount Antenna Chrome
BNC Plug

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 [Procomm CD144M]

The Procomm CD144M is an affordable 2 meter quarter wave magnetic mount mobile antenna. It features a 20 inch stainless steel whip with a 3.25 inch magnet mount. The mount has 12 feet of RG58 coax cable terminating to a PL-259 plug. Rated at 200 watts. Includes an Allen wrench. Chrome finish.

The Procomm CD144M/BN is the same antenna, but there is BNC plug at the end of the coax rather than a PL-2459. Great for HT operation in the car.

Both versions are made in the USA.

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