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Comet UHV-4
Mobile Antenna

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The Comet UHV-4 is a redesign of the popular UHV-6 for quad band operation. It was created with the Yaesu FT-8900 in mind. It is pretuned for 2 meters and 440 (70 cm). Plus 10 meters and 6 meters may be tuned independently. It is a quarter wave on 10 and 6 meters. It is a 1/2 wave on 2 meters (2.15 dBi) and a two 5/8 waves in phase on 70 cm (5.5 dBi). Maximum power is 120 watts SSB on 10 meters and 200 watts SSB 50/146/446 MHz.

The length is 54 inches (1.3 m 610 g). It has a PL259 [M] connector. An Allan wrench is included. This antenna does have a fold-over provision directly above the base coil.

Please note that the base and coax are not included. Comet suggests the CP-5M Universal Lip mount.

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