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Hustler MX-270
Mobile 2M/440 Antenna

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 Hustler MX-270

The Hustler MX-270 is a quality 2 meter and 440 MHz mobile antenna providing 2.4/4.0 dB gain. It covers 144-148 and 440-450 MHz. The MX-270 features a low-loss 50 ohm NMO type magnetic mount. This antenna can handle up to 100 watts. Coax cable to a PL-259 plug is supplied.

This antenna is approximately 44 inches high. The magnetic base, base coil and center coil are black. The whip is silver colored.

The photo on the left only shows the base and base coil, but this is a complete antenna with whip element and supplied RG58 coax terminating to an installed PL259 plug.

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