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Diamond V2000A
6m/2m/70cm Base

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Diamond V2000A
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The Diamond V2000A triband is the ideal antenna for FM operation on 6 meter, 2 meter, and 70cm bands. Similar in construction to the X200A dualband, the V2000A has an additional counterpoise radial adjustable for 6m FM (52-54 MHz only). With increased 6 meter activity, enjoy the freedom of three bands in one compact antenna.

V2000A Specifications
Frequency: 6m 52-54 MHz / 2m 144-148 MHz / 70cm 440-450 MHz
Gain: 2.15/6.2/8.4 dBi
Power: 150 watts
Connector: UHF
Height: 8.3 feet

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