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Kenwood TS-870S
160-10 meters 12 VDC


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  • 160-10 meters
  • Digital Filtering
  • Beat Canceller
  • 100 Memories
  • Xmit Equalizer
  • 100 Watt Output
  • K1 Logic Keyer
  • RX Ant Input
  • Windows Pgm.
  • Dual VFOs
  • Optional Voice Synthesizer
  • IF Stage D.S.P.
  • Dual Noise Reduction
  • Auto Notch Filter
  • Variable AGC
  • Voice Equalizer
  • RS-232C Port
  • Auto Tuner RX/TX
  • FM Tone Encoder
  • Hi Speed Control
  • Dual VFO Display
  • Quick Memory
  • Optional Record Unit

Digital signal processing at the IF stage is now a reality with the Kenwood TS-870S HF transceiver. DSP technology uses a dedicated computer chip to convert analog waveforms into digital information in real-time, providing the opportunity to filter and enhance the quality of the signal before it is reconverted into analog form for the human ear. This design uses two state-of-the-art 24-bit 20 MIPS DSP chips that provide for receiving enhancements to bring signals out of the noise. Imagine over 100dB out of pass band attenuation with virtually no signal loss by the DSP filter! Imagine CW bandwidth adjustable to 50 Hz. Advanced speech processing with transmit equalization that will make you the first in pile-ups! This radio also features RIT and XIT and a multifunction meter. Plus complete computer operation and control of the TS-870S is possible with supplied Windows™ software and a built-in RS-232C port [DB9].

The built-in automatic antenna tuner works on all bands in both transmit and receive modes. Supplied with MC-43S hand mic. The TS-870S requires 13.8 VDC at 20.5 Amps.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
#0954   DIN 13 Male 13 pin DIN plug for ACC 2 Jack on back panel $5.49 $3.98 Order
  DRU3A DRU-3A Digital recording unit. Discontinued
  LF30A LF-30A Low pass filter Discontinued
  IF232C IF-232C External RS-232C Interface unit. INFO Discontinued
#0230   MC-43S Hand mic with (8 pin) [as supplied]. $  80.50 $  58.98 Order
#0368 MC60A MC-60A A deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). $214.20 $158.98 Order
  MC80 MC-80 Desk mic (8 pin). Discontinued
#1870 MC-90 MC-90 DSP-compatible desktop mic (8 pin). $357.00 $239.98 Order
  PG-2Z PG-2Y Extra DC power cord 13 feet (4m). Discontinued
#0391 PG2Z PG-2Z Extra fused DC power cord. 6 foot (2m). $42.00 $38.98 Order
  PS52 PS-52 Heavy duty power supply delivers 13 VDC at 20 Amps. Discontinued
  SO2 SO-2 High stability temperature compensated crystal oscillator. Discontinued
  SP-31 SP-31 Matching speaker with audio filtration and dual inputs. INFO Discontinued
#2982 VS2 VS-2 Plug-in voice synthesizer option announces the frequency. Discontinued
#1727 RT Systems USB-63 USB-63 RT Systems
USB to DB-9 (F) serial interface cable. INFO
$29.99 $26.98 Order

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