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Yaesu FT-950
Optional µ-Tuning Units

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Yaesu Micro Tuners

The Yaesu FT-950 can handle three external High-Q Tuning units (sold separately):

   MTU-   160 160 Meters
   MTU-80/40 80 and 40 Meters
   MTU-30/20 30 and 20 Meters

These units, introduced in the FT-9000 series, provide ultra-tight RF preselection thanks to the high Q (300 or more) afforded by the large 1.1 inch (28 mm) diameter coils used in filter construction. As the ferrite tuning slug is passed through the coil structure, the center frequency is adjusted, and the 3 dB bandwidth is approximately ± 12 kHz on 1.8 MHz.

These tuning units are mounted externally and require the #3091 RF MU2000 enclosure/s which are sold separately (not shown). 4.7 x 5 12.9 inches 5.7 lbs. They may used in a single or multiply connection.

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