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Yaesu FTDX1200
Waterfall Display

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Amateur HF Transceivers 

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FTDX1200 Waterfall Display


The Yaesu FTDX1200 now features a waterfall display that gives the user the ability to view all the spectrum information at a glance, providing the data needed to place the operator in the correct spot on the band. With this new feature, the FTDX1200 user will experience a more efficient operation in competitive situations, such as when operating the busy HF and 6 meter bands.

   The Waterfall displays 25 seconds worth of historical spectrum data
   The Waterfall or Waterfall / Spectrum Scope (Combination) can be displayed in full screen
   The Spectrum Scope and AF-FFT scope will display concurrently with the Waterfall
   The Spectrum Scope Memory function can store spectrum data and show signal data on the
    Waterfall display, by pressing and holding the “Select” key for one second

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