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Atlas 350-XL
Amateur Transceiver



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Atlas 350-XL

The Atlas 350-XL is a solid state amateur band transceiver featuring CW, LSB and USB modes. Supplied coverage is: 1.5-2, 3.5-4, 7-7.5, 14-14.5, 21-21.5, 28-28.5, 28.5-29, 29-29.5, and 29.5-30 MHz. Up to 10 auxiliary crstals permit operation in any other 500 kHz segment (2-23 MHz). There is an analog dial. (Optional digital readout option DD6-XL is shown above). Power output CW is 300 watts PEP input 1.5-23 MHz and 250 watts input 28-30 MHz.

Item Description Your Price
DD6-XL Digital readout (to 50 Hz) Discontinued
305 Plug-in auxiliary VFO Discontinued
311 Plug-in auxiliary crystal oscillator Discontinued
350PS Matching AC power supply Discontinued
DMK-XL Plug-in mobile mounting kit Discontinued
302 Digital clock / phone patch accessory. Discontinued

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