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SGC SG-2020
160-10 meters 12 VDC
SGC #05-01


Replaced by the
SG-2020ADSP and


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  • 160-10 Meters
  • Backlit LCD
  • 0-20 Watt Output
  • SWR Metering
  • LED S/RF Bargraph
  • AF Bandpass
  • 2 Hz Tuning
  • Iambic Keyer

The fixed, mobile, portable or aviation "multi-mission" SGC SG-2020 covers 160-10 meters in CW/SSB at 0 to 20 watts. This radio also has CW/SSB general coverage receive from 1.8 to 29.7 MHz. The SG-2020 is unbeatable for preparedness, search and rescue, border patrol and DX-peditions.

Here is a reliable and compact high performance radio designed for long range communications. Features include: backlit LCD digital display, 160 to 10 meter amateur band coverage, 2 Hz VFO, RIT, XIT, RF Gain, full break-in, 40 memories, VOGAD baseband speech processing, electronic iambic keyer plus S/RF bargraph. The AF bandpass is variable from 100 Hz to 2700 Hz. The rear panel now features a 3.5 mm mini jack for speaker/phones. The 12 VDC SG-2020 draws only 400 mA during receive and a maximum of 3 Amps on transmit. Includes hand mic. SGC also offers the optional PS-10 matching power supply.

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  PS-10 PS-10 Matching power supply. Unregulated 11-18 VDC 10 amps.
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