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Yaesu SCU-LAN10
LAN Unit

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The Yaesu SCU-LAN10 will operate with SCU-LAN10 Network Remote Control Software which will be available from the Yaesu website after 04/30/20. This device is compatible with the FTDX101D and FTDX101MP.

The firmware of FTDX101MP/D must be updated to the latest version below. The latest firmware will be also available at beginning April 30, 2020.
- MAIN: V01-14
- DISPLAY: V01-06
- IF DSP: V01-05
- SDR: V02-03
To confirm the firmware version of the FTDX101 series, press [FUNC] key, touch [EXTENSION SETTING] and then select [Soft Version]. The software version will be displayed.

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