Icom IC-756 Pro III
160-6 meters 12 VDC


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IC-756 Pro III

The Icom 756 Pro III was the last member of the venerable "756" family that started with the 756, 756 Pro, 756 ProII. This latest version offers some incremental improvements over the previous 756 Pro II:
Improved Third Order Intercept point of +30dBm
Real time spectrum scope (with mini-scope)
The IC-756 Pro II spectrum scope display occupied the lower half of the screen. The IC-756Pro III provides a selectable mini-scope display mode. This allows simultaneous display of the filter, memory-keyer and other menus along with a half-size spectrum-scope display.
60 Meter 5 MHz Band
Improved 1st filter and BPF for reduced distortion
Preamp changed to a noiseless feedback type to reduce second order distortion.

New ITU Morse "@" symbol
The new "@" symbol is provided even with the memory keyer enabled.
Programmable SSB transmit bandwidth
The IC-756 Pro II provided three selectable TOBW settings: WIDE/MID/NAR. The lower and upper -6dB points of the transmitted audio-frequency response are fixed for each setting. In the IC-756Pro III, it is possible to program each of the three settings individually with the following preset cutoff frequencies: Lower -6dB point: 100, 300 and 500 Hz., Upper -6dB point: 2.5, 2.7 and 2.9 kHz.
This permits the operator to configure his own custom WIDE/MID/NAR selections by mixing and matching low and high roll-off points.
Clock function displays local time and UTC time with time difference indication
Screen saver function to prolong LCD life and reduce burn-in.

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