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Icom IC-761
160-10 Meters 120 VAC


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Icom 761

  • All Mode
  • Analog S/RF Meter
  • 160- 10 Meters
  • Built in Antenna Tuner
  • 100 Hz Display
  • CW break-in
  • Electronic Keyer
  • Keypad Entry
  • PBT
  • 32 Memories
  • Dial Lock
  • Noise Blanker
  • Notch
  • Preamp
  • Built in Power Supply

The Icom IC-761 is designed for advanced amateur operations from 160 to 10 meters. It features a high performance 100 kHz to 30 MHz general coverage receiver built in. Output is 10 to 100 watts SSB/CW/RTTY modes (10 to 40 watts AM). The 761 has sophisticated capabilities such as:  dual digital VFOs, all-mode squelch, keypad entry Notch, Passband Tuning, RIT/XIT, pre-amp and 20 dB attenuator. Additional adjustments are available via a door on the top panel. You also get 32 memories. The two color fluorescent digital display is easy to read. Three quality filters are already installed:  FL44 SSB 2.4 kHz, FL52A CW 500 Hz and FL32A CW 500 Hz (9 MHz IF). The Icom CR-64 high stability crystal oscillator is already installed. Serious CW operators will appreciate the built-in electronic keyer, full and semi break-in capability. The rear panel has an SO-239 antenna jack plus a receive only RCA phono jack. The 761 has a built in antenna tuner and operates from 120 VAC via a built-in power supply. 16.7 x 5.9 x 15.4 inches (424x150x390mm).

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  CT-16 Satellite Interface Unit. Discontinued
  CT-17 CI-V Level Converter. Discontinued
  EX-310 Voice synthesizer unit. INFO Discontinued
  FL-  53A Filter 250 Hz CW-narrow (455 kHz IF). Discontinued
  FL-101 Filter 250 Hz CW (9 MHz IF). Discontinued
  FL-102 Filter 6 kHz AM/SSB Wide (9 MHz IF). Discontinued
  MB-19 Rack mounting ears. VIEW Discontinued
  HM-36 Hand mic [as supplied]. Discontinued
   HM-219 Hand mic [replaces HM-36]. Discontinued
  SM-  6 Desk microphone with flexible neck. VIEW Discontinued
  SM-  8 Desk Mic with Up-Down Buttons. INFO Discontinued
  SM-10 Desk Mic with equalizer. INFO Discontinued
  SP-  3 External Speaker. 8 Ohms. Discontinued
  SP-20 External Speaker with 4 audio filters, headphone jack and input for two transceivers.  Discontinued
  UT-30 Tone encoder. Discontinued

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