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Swan 270B Cygnet


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Swan 270B

The Swan 270B Cygnet hybrid amateur transceiver covers 180, 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters in SSB, CW modes.
Power input on all bands is 260 Watts. The updated "B" model includes automatic gain control and grid block keying. The rear panel has jacks for headphones, code key, aux relay and optional external oscillator.

The final is a 6LQ6/6JE6 sweep tube. Power: 117 VAC 50-60 Hz. For 12 VDC operation see optional 14-A

Order # Item Description Price Order
  14-A Plug-in DC converter for operation from 12 - 14 VDC. VIEW Discontinued
  508 External VFO for separate receive and transmit frequenies. VIEW Discontinued
  FP-1 Phone patch. VIEW Discontinued
  1200-W Linear amplifier. Five band 1200 watts. VIEW Discontinued
  510X Crystal controlled external oscillator. VIEW Discontinued
  VX-2 Plug-in VOX unit. Discontinued

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