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Yaesu FT-7
80-10M Analog

Yaesu FT-7B
80-10M Analog

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Discontinued Amateur HF Transceives 

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Yaesu FT-7

  • 80-10 meters
  • 100 kHz Calibrator
  • Receiver Offset Tuning
  • Semi-break-in with sidetone
  • Compact Size
  • Internal VFO / Ext. VFO / Fixed (optional)
  • MOS FET Receiver Front-End
  • Single Knob Tuning

The Yaesu FT-7 amateur transceiver covers 80 to 10 meters in CW, LSB and USB modes. Power input is 20 watts. It features an accurata linear analog display. Operation is from 12 VDC at 3 Amps. (230x80x290mm 5 kg). Shown above with optional YF-846 hand mic.

The Yaesu FT-7B is very similar to the FT-7, but the rear panel has a jack for (optional) external frequency display instead of external VFO.

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
  FL110 Amplifier. INFO  Discontinued
  FP-4 Power Supply Discontinued
  FP-7 Power Supply Discontinued
  YC-7B External digital frequency display. For model FT-7B only. Discontinued
  YD-844 Base Microphone. INFO  Discontinued
  YD-846 Hand Microphone.   Discontinued

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