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Collins KWM-1

The Collins KWM-1 is a high quality amateur band transceiver featuring CW, LSB and USB modes. It operates in the 14 to 30 MHz range in 100 kHz segment bands for 20, 15 and 10 meter band coverage. Power input is 175 watts and power output is 100 watts nominal.

Item Description Your Price
136B-1 Noise Blanker Discontinued
189A-2 Phone Patch INFO Discontinued
312B-1 Speaker INFO Discontinued
312B-2 Station Console INFO Discontinued
302C-1 Directional Wattmeter Discontinued
302C-2 Directional Wattmeter Discontinued
351D-1 Mobile Mount Discontinued
399B-1 DX Adapter Discontinued
399B-3 Novice Adapter Discontinued
516E-1 Mobile Power Supply 12 VDC Discontinued
516E-28 Mobile Power Supply 28 VDC Discontinued
516F-1 Base Power Supply 115 VAC Discontinued
  Desk Microphone Discontinued

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