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The Japan Radio Company NRD-505 was JRCs first non-commercial shortwave receiver geared towards the radio amateur and serious shortwave listener. The NRD-505 tunes 100 kHz to 30 MHz in thirty bands, selected by a large MHz knob. Modes of reception include: RTTY, AM. LSB, USB and CW. This dual conversion superheterodyne circuit provides 0.5 µV 1.6-30 MHz SSB/CW S+N/N=10dB. Digital and analog frequency display is featured. The NRD-505 has an analog S-Meter, RIT, Noise Blanker and attenuator. Supplied filters for AM Wide (4.0 kHz), AM Narrow/SSB/RTTY (2.0 kHz) and optional CW (0.5 kHz). This receiver has modular construction. It is a perfect match for the NSD-505 transmitter.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  CDD-48A Internal 4 channel memory board. Discontinued
  CW N [5NMAA0006] CW narrow mechanical filter. Discontinued
  CGA-26D Transceiver VFO Converter unit board. Discontinued
  NVA-505 Matching external speaker. INFO Discontinued

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