Kenwood TS-450S
160-10 meters 12 VDC

Kenwood TS-690S
160- 6 meters 12 VDC

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Kenwood TS-450S

  • 160-10 meters
  • AF Notch
  • CW Reverse
  • 100 Memories
  • Dual Mode NB
  • IF Shift
  • Keypad Entry
  • All Mode Squelch
  • RF Speech Processor

The Kenwood TS-450S is a formidable transceiver covering 160 through 10 meters including the WARC bands with 100 watts input (40W AM). The TS-450S supports many advanced features such as keypad entry, VOX, 100 memories, XIT, RIT, Notch, IF Shift, Squelch and digital meter. This radio has a carry handle. Requires 13.8 VDC at 20.5 Amps. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in both transmit and receive modes (with optional DSP-100 installed) provide greatly enhanced signal purity. MC-43S hand mic included.

The Kenwood TS-450SAT includes the AT-450 antenna tuner factory installed.

The Kenwood TS-690S is similar to the the Kenwood TS-450S, but adds coverage of the 6 meter amateur band with 50 watts and a separate antenna jack on the rear panel.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  AT-300 External automatic antenna tuner INFO Discontinued
  AT-450 Internal automatic antenna tuner. INFO Discontinued
  DSP-100 Digital signal processor unit. INFO Discontinued
  IF-232 External RS-232C Interface unit. INFO Discontinued
  LF-30A Low pass filter Discontinued
  MC-43S Hand mic 8 pin. [as supplied] Not in stock
  MC-60A Deluxe desk mic with preamp (8 pin). Not in stock
  MC-80 Desk mic (8 pin). INFO Discontinued
  MC-85 Desk mic (8 pin). Discontinued
  PC-1A Phone patch. Discontinued
  PG-2X DC cable. VIEW Discontinued
  PS-33 Power supply delivers 13 VDC at 20 Amps. Discontinued
  PS-53 Matching heavy duty power supply delivers 13 VDC at 22 Amps. Discontinued
  SO-2 High stability temperature compensated crystal oscillator. Discontinued
#0692 SP-23 Matching speaker. $121.30 $79.98 Order
  TU-8 CTCSS Encoder unit. VIEW Discontinued
  VS-2 Voice synthesizer unit Discontinued
  YG-455C1 CW Filter 500 Hz [455 kHz IF] Discontinued
  YG-455CN1 CW Filter 250 Hz [455 kHz IF] Discontinued
  YK-88C1 CW Filter 500 Hz [8.83 MHz IF] Discontinued
  YK-88CN1 CW Filter 270 Hz [8.83 MHz IF] Discontinued
  YK-88S1 SSB Filter 2.4 kHz [8.83 MHz IF] Discontinued
  YK-88SN1 SSB Filter 1.8 kHz [8.83 MHz IF] Discontinued

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