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Icom AG2400


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VHF/UHF Amateur Multi Mode Transceivers Options 





The Icom AG-2400 is a down link receive converter which converts a 2400 MHz RF signal to 144 MHz IF signal. This device features a built-in low noise amplifier (LNA) and suppression filer. The suppression filter reduces blocking from the uplink frequency. This allows for close set up between the uplink and downlink antenna (24 inches minimum). The required 13.8 VDC 200 ma is derived from the 910H via the coaxial cable line. Low loss N connectors are featured.

Used with the IC-910H, the AG-2400 allows US mode (Uplink/Downlink: 430 MHz/2400 MHz) operation. If the optional UX-910 is installed in the IC-910H, LS mode (1200/2400 MHz) operation is also possible. The AG-2400 coupled with the IC-910H provides new excitement in the world of satellite operation.

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