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Icom ID-51A
2M/440 D-Star HT


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ID-51A Anniversary

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Icom ID-51A

  • Automatic Position Reply
  • FM Analog Voice or D-STAR DV
  • Built-In GPS Receiver
  • Rugged IPX7 Waterproof Construction
  • AM and FM broadcast Bands
  • Directional Keypad Navigation
  • Micro SD Card Slot

The Icom ID-51A may be the most hi-tech dual band HT in the world. It covers 2 meters and 440 MHz and receives two bands simultaneously (V/V, U/U & V/U). It is IPX7 waterproof and features a built-in GPS! The large 128x104 dot-matrix display is impressive. This radio has an astounding 1304 channel alphanumeric memory system. There is a Micro SD card slot for an optional memory card. This can be used to store DVR Incoming/Outgoing Messages, GPS Log and Memory Backup. There is built-in CTCSS/DTCS encode/decode for analog FM. It even features an independent AM and FM broadcast receiver. A new Voice Memory feature records incoming and outgoing calls and can be used as a voice recorder.

The USA version includes the BP-271 Li-ion 7.4V 1150 mAh battery, FA-S270C SMA flexible antenna, CS-51 Programming Software CD (requires OPC-2218LU cable sold separately), MB-127 belt clip, wrist strap and BC-167SA wall charger. 2.3 x 4.2 x 1.1 inches 9 oz.

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Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price Order
   Icom BP-271 BC-202 Desktop 2/3.5 hour Li-ion rapid charger for BP-271/272.
Includes BC-123SA AC wall adapter. INFO
  Icom BP-271 BP-271 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1150 mAh Not In Stock
  Icom BP-272 BP-272 Lithium Ion Battery Pack 7.4V 1880 mAh Not in stock
  Icom BP-273 BP-273 Battery Case (holds 3 x AA, not supplied) Discontinued
  (CP12L) CP-12L Cigar Plug, filtered power adapter. Discontinued
  Icom CP19R CP-19R Cigar Plug power cord with filtration charges battery pack in radio. INFO  Discontinued
  Icom HM-75LS HM-75LS Remote Control Speaker Mic Not in stock
  Icom HM-186LS HM-153LS Ear Mic Not in stock
   Icom HM-166LS HM-166LS Light Ear Mic Discontinued
  Icom HM-186LS HM-186LS Compact Speaker Mic Not in stock
  HS94 HS-94 Earpiece style headset only (requires OPC-2006LS) Discontinued
  HS-95 HS-95 Neck-arm style headset with boom mic (requires OPC-2006LS). VIEW Discontinued
  HS-97 HS-97 Earphone with throat mic (requires OPC-2006LS) Discontinued
  Icom LC-179 LC-179 Carry case. VIEW Not in stock
  Icom MB-127 MB-127 Belt clip (as supplied). Not in stock
  Icom OPC254L OPC-254L DC Fused Cord [L-shaped plug] Discontinued
#0288 OPC-2600LS OPC-2006LS Adapter for HS94/95/97 headsets. $35.00 $25.98 Order
#4094 Icom OPC2144 OPC-2144 Slim-L Plug adapter for HM-75A/153/166/186/SP3. INFO Not in stock
  Icom OPC-2218LU OPC-2218LU Low speed USB data cable in DV mode and programming cable. INFO Not in stock
  Icom SJ-1 SJ-1 Silicon jacket case. INFO Discontinued
  Icom SP13 SP-13 Earphone (requires OPC-2144). Discontinued
  WCSD51 USB WCS-D51 USB RT Systems Windows XP/Vista/7(32&64 bit)/8(full version)
programming software CD with USB-RTS05 USB cable.  INFO
  WCSD51+2 USB WCS-D51+2U RT Systems Windows programming software CD with USB-RTS05 USB cable.    INFO Discontinued
  Nifty Combo COMB 51A Nifty 28 laminated page, spiral-bound Mini-manual, plus a laminated Quick Reference card for your wallet. The short-form Mini-manual fully covers the many features of this very capable transceiver. The Quick Reference card is a laminated three-page foldout pocket guide, the size of a credit card for easy carrying in a wallet or purse.
NOT for PLUS, PLUS2 or Anniversary Edition. VIEW

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