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Icom BC-144-21
Rapid Charger

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Icom BC-144

The Icom BC-144-21 is a desk top rapid charger is for Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery packs. It comes with the 120 VAC BC145A wall adapter. It also includes the AD99 spacer. The orientation of this spacer allows you charge the battery alone, or while attached to the V8.

The Icom BC-144-21 has a built in LED that glows Orange during rapid charging (700 ma) or Green when the rapid charge has finished. While the LED is Green it will continue to trickle charge (30 mA). The battery must be removed from the charger to stop charging. Always remove after 15 hours.

Approximate recharge times:
BP-209 1.5 hours
BP-210 2.0 hours
BP-222 1.0 hours

Reminder:   Never attempt to recharge alkaline, Lith-Ion or carbon batteries in this device!

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