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Icom IC-T82A
Tri Band HT

Model cancelled.

See later T90A

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Discontinued Amateur Handheld Transceivers 

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  • Tri-Band Transmit
  • 500 Alpha Memories
  • Extended Receive
  • Auto Repeater
  • DTMF Keypad
  • Ten DTMF Memories
  • Backlit LCD and Keypad
  • Weather Resistant (JIS-4)
  • PC Programmable
  • CTCSS Decode
  • Power Save Function

The commercial grade Icom IC-T82A transmits on 6 meters, 2 meters and 440 MHz. The T82A is also a wide band AM, FM and Wide FM scanning receiver. Not only can you hear your favorite TV programs with the preprogrammed TV channels, but you can also listen to short-wave, AM and FM broadcast radio stations, police, fire, military, aircraft, various amateur bands and more. Receive coverage is: 495 kHz to 1319.9995 MHz (less cellular). With 500 alphanumeric memory channels, plus 50 band edges, the IC-T82A is a dream radio! But, with ICOM's new DMS (Dynamic Memory Scan) technology, the IC-T82A makes the dream a reality. With the maximum of 18 banks or 99 channels per bank, you can pick and choose any desired channel for scanning from 500 available memories. This compact radio is comfortable in the smallest of hands, and offers full radio control for large fingers. The rugged case and chassis are designed for the most demanding environments with JIS-4 specification for weather resistance.

A standard feature of the IC-T82A is both DTCS and CTCSS encode and decode capability. Don't know what tone is used? Don't worry; the tone scan feature will identify the appropriate tone frequency. Choose from either 104 DTCS or 50 CTCSS codes for receive and transmit, individually.

Simple, one-handed operation is the most valuable feature of the IC-T82A. The backlit ten-key pad allows you to enter frequency, memory number and various other features. While the tuning knob can be customized for either channel selection, or volume control.

The T82A operates from 6 to 16 VDC and is only 2.3x3.5x1.25 inches 8.5 oz (58x87x29 mm 240 g). The ICOM T82A comes with a BP-217 Li-Ion battery, BC110A wall charger, belt clip and SMA flexible antenna.

Icom cancelled this product on April 9, 2001. Their statement said:
Icom America has decided not to proceed with the sale of our latest product, the T82A. This model in its current form, after careful scrutiny and testing, did not meet the high standards of technological excellence that Icom sets for all our products. Therefore, rather than putting a below standard item on the market, the decision was made in the interst of our customers and dealers, to stop the sale and advertising of this product.

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