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Icom BC-144N-51
Rapid Charger

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(Icom BC-144N)

The Icom BC-144N-51 is a desk top rapid charger is for Ni-Cd or Ni-MH battery packs. It comes with the 120 VAC BC145A/SA wall adapter. It also includes the AD99N spacer. The orientation of this spacer allows you charge the battery alone, or while attached to the IC-V82.

The Icom BC-144N-51 has a built in LED that glows Orange during rapid charging or Green when the rapid charge has finished. While the LED is Green it will continue to trickle charge Ni-Cd or pulse charge NiMH. The LED will blink Red if the inserted battery pack or the charger has a problem. The battery must be removed from the charger to stop charging. Always remove after 15 hours.

Approximate recharge times:
BP-209/209N 1.5 hours
BP-210/210N 2.5 hours
BP-222/222N 1.0 hours

Reminder:   Never attempt to recharge alkaline, Lith-Ion or carbon batteries in this device.

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