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Heil HS-706


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The Heil HS-706 was designed specifically for the Icom 706 series. It features a new high gain FET microphone producing extremely articulate audio that will make your IC-706 come alive. It was important that a high gain microphone be developed to drive the 706 without any additional amplification. The audio is wired straight through so that VOX operation is available. A momentary Push-To-Talk switch is mounted on the shielded mic cable, compete with a clip you can attach to your belt or shirt. The mic boom can be rotated 180 degrees so the headset can be used on either your right or left ear. Terminates to a 8 pin modular connector.

This headset was developed specifically for the IC-706 and is not recommended for use on other transceivers.
Some local laws prohibit the use of headsets while operating a vehicle. Please check with your local authorities.

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