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Heil Classic HCL4
with HC-4 Element
and TB1 Base (shown).

Heil Classic HCL4
with HC-4 Element
and CB1 classic base.

Heil Classic HCL5
with HC-5 Element
and CB1 classic base.

Heil Classic HCLiC
for ICOM radios
with CB1 classic base.

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Heil Classic mic

The Heil Classic Mic is an exact copy of a 1930 broadcast microphone, the CLASSIC design is focused on the use with amateur radio transceivers. It contains two dynamic mic elements. The new PROLINE wide frequency range broadcast element and your choice of the world famous Heil DX Dream machine HC-4 (HCL4) or the HC-5 (HCL5) full range communications element. A small switch located on the back panel along side the push to talk switch allows you to select the type of audio response needed for the particular communications needs. The CLASSIC is also available with the new high performance Heil ‘iC’ (HCLic) electret element which is used exclusively for driving early ICOM transceivers. A Hi-Z model is also available to match the high impedance inputs of the older tube transmitters.

The Heil PROLINE broadcast microphone element exhibits a wide frequency range of 50 Hz – 18 kHz with the traditional + 4 dB rise at 2.2 kHz – a Heil trademark to insure maximum communications articulation with a minimum of excessive electronic equalization necessary. An extensive internal sorbothane rubber shock mount system complete with breath blast filter was devised by Heil for minimum handling noise – a problem so prevalent with many sensitive broadcast microphones. The supplied base can be removed and this unique broadcast microphone can be suspended from one of the Heil LX-1 balanced microphone boom systems. The ‘CLASSIC is delivered with a blue dust cover bag, just as the broadcast microphones of the 1930s. The microphone is shipped with the blank black background. A warranty card will be in the box. Be sure to send the numbered warranty card to Heil to receive your one set of call letters by the U.S. Mail. Heil will send these letters worldwide. (Additional letters available from Heil). The letters have a strong adhesive backing that simply stick onto the blank name plaque, but look they are cast into the aluminum. Each version requires the appropriate CC-1 cable adapter (see chart below).
Special note: Universal also offers the broadcast version.

Order # Model Radio Mfg. Color Code Connector List Price Your Price Order
  CC-1-D Drake Purple 4 Pin Plug Not in stock
#0108 CC-1-I Icom Blue 8 Pin Plug $40.00 $34.95 Order
#0351 CC-1-IM Icom Blue Modular $40.00 $34.95 Order
   CC-1-K Kenwood/Alinco Red 8 Pin Plug Not in stock
  CC-1-KM Kenwood/Alinco Red Modular Not in stock
  CC-1-T Ten-Tec Black 4 Pin Plug Not currently stocked
#1517 CC-1-Y Yaesu Yellow 8 Pin Plug $40.00 $34.95 Order
  CC-1-Y 4 Yaesu Yellow 4 Pin Plug Not in stock
  CC-1-YM Yaesu Yellow Modular Not in stock

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