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Heil Improved Traveler

The new improved Heil Traveler is similar to the orginal Traveler but has a larger speaker for even better sound and a padded headband for more comfort. Each new Traveler, contains a special RFI package installed inside the "iC" microphone element and eliminates any RFI problems when using the Traveler for back packing where antenna grounds are at a minimum. The boom mic is on a hinge and can be swung up. The Traveler is sold separately. You must also order the appropriate cable for your radio. Please note that Heil does not currently suggest the Traveler for the FT-7900R.

Order # Model For Radio List Price Your Price Order
  HTSS Boomset with no cable. (You must add an HSTA or HTA cable). Discontinued

You must order the appropriate the Heil Sound Traveler Adapter HSTA cable adapter for your radio (or radios). Click model to view.
Some local laws prohibit the use of headsets while operating a vehicle. Please check with your local authorities.

Order # Model Cable for Radio List Price Your Price Order
  HSTA IM Icom IC-706/703 series. Discontinued
  HSTA I8 Icom transceivers with 8 pin mic. Discontinued
  HSTA K8 Kenwood transceivers with 8 pin mic. Discontinued
  HSTA KM Kenwood transceivers with modular mic. Discontinued
  HSTA YM Yaesu FT-817/857/897 series. Discontinued
#5275 HSTA YM6 Yaesu FT-1500/2800/2900/7800/7900/8800/8900 etc. $26.00 $23.98 Order


Want to use your Traveler on your HT radio? Just buy a HTA cable adapter. Click model to view.

Order # Model Radio Mfg. Color Code Connector List Price Your Price Order
  HTA iHT Icom Blue Mini, SubMini Discontinued
  HTA KHT Kenwood Red Mini, SubMini Discontinued
  HTA VX Yaesu Yellow Mini 4 cond Discontinued
NOTES:   Click the model to view.     The HTA VX is for VX1/2/5/150, FT50R/60R.
NOTES:  The HTA-iHT is NOT for use with Icom IC-91A, 91AD or 92AD.

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