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Hand Mics 

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Heil Handi Mic Heil HM Handi Mic

The Heil HM Handi Mic is a new hand mic series designed with a very special open sorbothane shock mount that puts the various Heil microphone elements in the open, not encased in a shell. This results in the cleanest, clearest and most articulate hand microphone ever! The low handling noise and exceptional cardiod pattern makes the Handi Mic ideal for mobile or portable use.

There are five models of Handi Mic. Each is designed for specific transmitter and audio inputs. Four of Handi Mics family terminates in the traditional Heil 4 pin XLR broadcast connector allowing the Heil CC-1 connecting cables to be used (except HM-PRO+). Or Heil has developed a new series of shielded coiled cables called the CH-1 series. The Heil CH-1 is a shielded coil cord with 14" of straight section and 15" of coil making it very easy to use unlike most of the coil cords.

All of the HANDI MIC models are shipped with the unique Heil dash/wall mount, a 5/8" -27 mic clip and a foam windscreen.

There is also special HM-PRO PLUS model for studio or recording applications. It is not designed for ham radio applications, but it is a perfect interview microphone. See table below.

Hearing is believing!   The HM-PRO was on live display in the Universal Showroom.
     Stop by and hear how your voice sounds through this microphone!


Order # Model Element Color Band Connector List Price Your Price Order
  HM-4 HC-4 DX Dream 600-6000 kHz Red 4 pin XLR Discontinued
  HM-5 HC-5 DX Full range 300-5000 kHz Blue 4 pin XLR Discontinued
  HM-iC Icom electret 100-8000 kHz Green 4 pin XLR Discontinued
  HM-PRO Wide Range Yellow 4 pin XLR Discontinued
  HM-PRO+ Stage [no PTT] White 3 pin XLR Discontinued

HEIL CH-1 Coiled Mic Cables

Order # Model Radio Mfg. Color Code Connector List Price Your Price Order
   CH-1 i8 Icom Blue 8 Pin Plug Discontinued
#3401 CH-1 iM Icom Blue Modular $26.00 $16.98 Order
#3361 CH-1 K8 Kenwood Red 8 Pin Plug $26.00 $16.98 Order
#3386 CH-1 KM Kenwood Red Modular $26.00 $16.98 Order
#4766 CH-1 Y8 Yaesu Yellow 8 Pin Plug $26.00 $16.98 Order
#3346 CH-1 YM Yaesu Yellow Modular $26.00 $16.98 Order

HEIL CC-1 Straight Mic Cables

Order # Model Radio Mfg. Color Code Connector List Price Your Price Order
#1772 CC-1-D Drake Purple 4 Pin Plug $39.00 $24.98 Order
#0108 CC-1-I Icom Blue 8 Pin Plug $40.00 $34.95 Order
#0351 CC-1-IM Icom Blue Modular $40.00 $34.95 Order
   CC-1-K Kenwood/Alinco Red 8 Pin Plug Not currently stocked
#1051 CC-1-KM Kenwood/Alinco Red Modular $40.00 $34.95 Order
  CC-1-T Ten-Tec Black 4 Pin Plug Not currently stocked
#1517 CC-1-Y Yaesu Yellow 8 Pin Plug $40.00 $34.95 Order
#0820 CC-1-Y 4 Yaesu Yellow 4 Pin Plug $40.00 $34.95 Order
#0336 CC-1-YM Yaesu Yellow Modular $40.00 $34.95 Order

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